Stoichiometry Lab Report

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After finding the equation F(x)= 0.134x + 8.86310-4 from the data, one could plug in the -log of transmittance for the desired sports drink to find the concentration. After getting this one could set up a stoichiometry problem that gets the mass of blue #1 dye in one bottle of each drink. Using this method one should get that a bottle of cool blue Gatorade has 1.4310-3g of blue #1 dye, a bottle of mountain berry blast Powerade has 2.4610-3g of blue #1 dye, and a bottle of blue bubble gum Jone’s Soda has 1.9510-3g of blue #1 dye. Some sources of error in those results could be not getting exact amounts of stock solution and distilled water in each solution (This would mess up the concentration which would then mess up the transmittance), another

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