Pros And Cons Of Agile

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Agile Methodology There are many different software development methodologies for a software project to choose from, each of them has their own pros and cons, which one is the right one for your organization. In this article, we will discuss the different types of project environments that are available, first we will start with the Agile methodology pros and cons and then we will talk about the suitability of the method with different project environments. Agile methodology for a typical software project or any in environment in which the requirements are unknown or change quickly. Agile focus toward teamwork, constant user feedback, continuous improvement, face-to-face meetings, constant cooperation, early and continuous delivery of working…show more content…
Agile is adaptable or highly flexible meaning that is has short development cycles of the interactive design process that gives the project flexibility to pivot when the need arises. You do not have to deliver a full project which wastes time and resources on delivering a full project which could be rejected by the customer. Customer has the ability and satisfaction over the development process since Agile projects are closely coordinated with the customer so they have a strong impact over the development project. There is immediate user feedback and interaction among the stakeholders and emphasis on getting a shippable product into the hands of the user which reduces the risk of building an application that nobody wants, with the constant interaction with each other and the customer you increase the best features. With continuous quality assurance and attention to details the quality of the product with TDD as each iteration leads to fewer bugs and a higher quality releases. Agile has a solid foundation that leads to quicker, higher quality releases since the development is conducted in short cycles and with the testing that will run non-stop, it allows the production of a great final
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