Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality

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On December 14th, the United States Congress will vote on the fate of America’s net neutrality. If net neutrality were to be repealed it would harm gobs of people, start-up businesses, and would cause a two-tier internet. Net neutrality is extremely important to hordes of people and it is important that petition against the F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission). As stated, the F.C.C. wants to repeal net neutrality, but in turn this would harm many minority groups. Already marginalized groups such as people of color, the LGBT community, low-income, and religious minorities rely on the internet for education opportunities and if there was not an open internet these opportunities would be slim to none. Consequently for low-income Americans and other minorities such as people of color, who are typically seen to be underserved by the American healthcare system, the dissolving of net neutrality could dissipate the access to lifesaving services. As well, net neutrality allows for activists to educate and fight back against systematic discrimination. If net neutrality were abolished, it could hike up internet prices. Especially in areas where one internet company dominates the area, it could make it extremely hard for low-income families to be able to have internet access in their own homes which would in turn affect their internet freedoms. In turn, many small businesses are owned by minorities and we must support them but if there is no net neutrality then it could cause it

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