Pros And Cons Of School Uniform Debate

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School Uniform Debate With each and every school year most kids cannot wait to go shopping for new clothes. Some schools enforce that students wear uniforms while others do not enforce uniforms. Uniforms began in Catholic schools and then spread to public schools. The thought of kids wearing school uniforms has been a popular debate that has gone on for a while now as there has even been court cases on the issue of student attire. Not all schools should enforce the students to wear uniforms. Some people believe that kids’ safety and academic performance are impacted by wearing uniforms enforced by the school that they attend. School uniforms come along with some pros and cons. School uniforms can be a hassle for parents or guardians when it comes to cost, the students will not be able to express themselves, and, it is hard to enforce them in public schools. A pro to uniforms is that they can help students resist the urge to fit in and, buy clothes that are trending at that particular time. But, not all kids feel the peer pressure to buy certain clothes to fit in. Due to cost, self-expression, and struggles with enforcement students should not be forced to wear uniforms to school. Most kids do not have a job or are too young to work so they rely on their parents or guardians to buy them school clothes. “Students will want nice clothes for after school activities, so that will lead to parents feeling the urge to buy normal clothes for the kids (“What to Wear” 1). A common
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