Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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The pros of school uniforms are there any or not? ‘School is serious business so dress for success by unknown author ’What this means in term for this paper is that schools should have uniforms look the part fell the part be the part right? There are a couple of reasons why schools should have school uniforms.Such as the cost of the standard school uniforms.With that then what is the standard uniform.How does it affect the parents,and does it improve learning. How much do school uniforms cost ? School uniforms pants and skirts can cost any where from 8 to 25 dollars,and shirts any where from 7 to 20 dollars ( How Much). The cost is relatively low compared to all the clothing children have and all the different brands would cost more. Then there's the quantity most children and teens have more clothes that they wear just money down the drain. So it's just more economical to have school uniforms. To add to it being more economical what does that mean you might ask? Well think of this with all the money that would be saved, could be in the parents pockets. The cost of school uniforms is less than 150 dollars way below other clothing apparel (National Association). Which in turn some of the money that would have been spent on other apparel would flow back into the schools and could be updated. The up sides to learning environment. With the money that would be saved Schools could get better computers or more textbooks and just improve their learning

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