Psychology : Human And Emotional Type Of Disorders

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Introduction Psychology is a subject like many subjects and ideas that can be and is connected to many things in our life, depending on certain aspects and supporting them is what contributes to the nature of many outcomes and theories of which we are yet to know most or not much off. What we have come to learn of through this class and subject in particular is in a broad sense the overall topic of abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology is and can be thought of as like any other psychology in a way but more specifically it is a psychology that deals with the understanding of mental and emotional type of disorders. As a psychology major you get to look at psychology through many forms, this is done with an objective which prepares you so to see which focus you find or can connect to most, most often for personal or logical base reasons. A subject or topic that caught my attention and helped me be more interested in the subject of psychology was wanting to know more about mentality or behavior and what exactly the brain or anything for that fact had influence in a different or psychological way. Writing this research paper I hope to look at what has peeked my interested in a different way, by looking at and understanding somewhat more into depth how exactly certain disorders can affect a person’s behavior if any or none, hopefully this will enlighten my path to which I have yet chosen in the field of psychology. Some other focuses on the paper will try to be based on
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