Public Administration

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Public administration refers to the officials, institutions and processes involved with implementing the laws, rules and policies passed by legislatures and executive. It was originally a branch of political science, but public administration has developed into a field of study of its own during the 20th century, thanks in part to groundbreaking writings by early scholars in the field. These classic works laid the foundation for a new discipline that combines academic study with professional training for people interested in government careers. In public administration the organizational success largely depends on its structure and leadership. Over the years many theories have been developed regarding the structure of…show more content…
The consequences of this marked change have been numerous. Focus has been on the potential for social-welfare expenditures to crowd out the traditional functions of government that Smith, Taylor and others deemed necessary for a well-functioning, free society. The longer these trends continue, the more difficult it will be to change them. The public administration at the state level here in Rhode Island is that the citizens are collecting unemployment or receiving assistance from the state. New policies have been put into place that requires anyone receiving assistance to work for the first thirty days and a set number of hours each week. In my experience of working with these individuals that will only do what is required and nothing more than that. We have many diverse populations within any workplace and must always adhere to the rules and regulations set before us as to not offend anyone. The field of public administration will always be tough employment. From past experiences even when you are helping it could be looked upon as showing favoritism is you time is not utilized wisely. If one individual feels he is not getting the same as another, then complaints are filed. This is said to be true in the diverse populations and every populations helps there own. References Rimer, E. (1993). Organization theory and frederick taylor - taylorism transfo. Public Administration Review, 53(3),
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