Public Policy and Technology

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Information Technology Public Policy and Technology Name SCHOOL DATE Information Technology: Public Policy and Technology The new U.S. president is counting on technology to help realize his key agenda items. Government policymakers and business leaders also need to consider foundational technology and public policy issues, such as privacy, identity, architecture and the impact of Web 2.0. E-Governments is the future of any nation and as soon as Government moves towards Internet, the internal operations will be faster. More and More Governments are moving towards cloud computing and Web 2.0 service to implement public policy today. The biggest challenge in this is data security and maintaining the integrity of the data. This is…show more content…
Information technology intersects with public policy in the fallout from the ongoing economic and financial crises, and both private-sector institutions and government agencies need to consider their IT strategies. Bank CIOs who have large investments from governments and sovereign wealth funds will need to take those investors' interests into account when building the business case for IT initiatives (even employment public policy issues like offshoring and H-1B visas could be factors). They must especially consider the renewed interest in risk management from regulators. To ensure accountability and public trust, government agencies that are disbursing economic stimulus funds also must incorporate effective risk management and so must public- and private-sector organizations that receive the funds. In the future, standardization in financial, and nonfinancial, reporting worldwide will depend on XBRL reporting and common standards for enterprise risk management (Chong, 2009). Lastly, the new American presidential administration has introduced public policy initiatives addressing some profound issues that depend heavily on IT to make them effective and affordable. Chief among these are healthcare reform and environmental sustainability. This time, we've held back from offering predictions in most of our reports. Public policy proceeds at a snail's pace, except during times of crisis, and while public policy is
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