Purpose And Purpose Of Labelling

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1a) (i) Discuss the purpose and importance of labelling in affecting consumer purchase decision; (5; 5 marks)

Labelling is defined as displays an information on the package to identify the product or brand (1). Labelling is a tool of communication which provides the useful features to consumers (2). Consumers can direct get the details of product as quality, ingredients and price without using or tasting the product.

The purpose of labelling is describing and giving necessary information about the product to consumers (6). The valuable information can let the consumer know the feature of product clearly so consumer will pleasure to purchase it (7). Another purpose of labelling is grabbing consumer’s attention to promote the product (5). …show more content…

Discuss using TWO external marketing environment factors. Provide TWO examples to explain your answer. (5; 5 marks)
External marketing environment consists of social, technological, demographic, political and legal factors, economic and competitive factors. The external environment is uncontrollable so the marketing managers need to understand the external environment to meet the need of consumers (textbook).
One of the external marketing environment is social factor. Social factor of the external marketing environment includes attitudes, values and lifestyle of the consumer (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel 2017). Today, 68% of men and 55% of women were obesity and this has become a serious problem in Australia (19). Therefore, people in Australia encouraged to loss their weight by eating healthier and labelling has ability to guide consumers to make healthier choice (19). Clear labelling of the nutritional content of food packaging will gain more attention from the consumer who want to change their lifestyle (20). For instance, the consumer who support healthier choice will take note the labelling which shown ingredients, nutrition, total fat and total carbohydrate of the food and lead to consumers purchase

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