Pursuing A Master 's Project Management

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Over the past four years in my career, I have been a member of a rotational technical development program in which I have been offered accelerated learning experiences in manufacturing, including tactical engineering, project management and supervision. Throughout these experiences I have worked at 3 different manufacturing plants across the U.S. I have learned the strengths and opportunities at each facility and learned a great deal about myself as a leader and about the career path I want to follow. I have a passion for project management and aspire to utilize my skills and the network I have established to climb the corporate ladder as the Director of Projects or the Director of Strategic Initiatives at my company. A role like this will allow me to broaden my project management skills while driving the company towards becoming world class in the automotive industry. It will also let me build on my developer strength by mentoring others to develop a team of skilled project managers. Pursuing a master’s in project management will put me one step closer to fulfilling this dream.
This degree will not only broaden my knowledge of the methodology required to be an effective project manager, but it will also teach me business and finance principles that are critical in succeeding in corporate managerial positions. These principles on top of my experience and technical expertise will give me the well rounded foundation to excel in a director position. In addition,

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