Putin's Aggression in Ukraine

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Had Obama not turned a blind eye in Syria Could Putin invade Ukraine?

While Mr. Putin’s vanguard military apparatus was taking over Crimea, Syria’s self styled hitherto President Bashar Assad was writing a letter of congratulation for Vladimir Putin’s “wise policy” and his efforts to restore “security and stability” in Kiev after an “attempted coup” by “terrorist extremists.” What is happening in Crimea today mirrors what has happened and unceasingly happening in Syria with multiplied brutality. Russia’s military involvement in Crimea shouldn’t come as a surprise to the US or the west at large. The European Union and the United States have wanted Ukraine to tilt into their geopolitical axis, but, alike with Syria, they wanted it at a discount rate and hence now it is too late.
President Obama has said Putin will pay a price. Kerry has spoken of a “huge price.” But, a Russian president who can poison the then president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, who happily sends advanced missiles to the Assad regime, even while the Syrian army pulverizes cities, is not a man who can easily be threatened by mere words.
Indecisiveness generally seduces Mr. Putin into a cynical aggression, for he worships power and detests weakness. Vladimir Putin’s obsession is the restoration of Russia’s pride through the restoration of its lost empire. He is an apparatchik who still thinks that the fall of the Soviet Union was the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of 20th century. Putin simply does not

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