Essay about Puzzle Design Challenge: A New Toy for Young Children

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In this puzzle design challenge, the problem to help solve the solution is to find a way to help

make a item of new toy that will be suitable for the young children (at least three years old and up) to

play and fun to solve problems that are challenge. The company want to hire a designer that will able to

make a new design of toys that will be able to save money, better production, and good suitable for

the childrens to have fun. Why, because the company wanted the designer to find a materials that can be

reused or used some of materials that can be suitable for cheaper and good production for the new toys

to be made.


* A design software

* Twenty-seven of wooden cube

* Paint materials

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Also I develop an

explosive view to help the puzzle parts of how they put together into the puzzle cube.

The fourth procedure of this project is construct and test prototype. This definition is that

where it begins to build the first materials ideas and place to try it out to see if the item is successful or

not. At the same time, you’re trying to collect the information from the first prototypes as it runs the

process. For this project, I construct the first prototypes by building the wooden cubes into parts of puzzle cubes from the 3D drawing sheet, glue them together, and painting them with the right colors. As

that process is complete, I test this first product by unplug together of puzzle cube parts, make them

in random, testing for solving the puzzle parts together and recording the data on the sheet after the timer

is up already.

The fifth procedure of this project is evaluate the solution. This definition meaning to this of

reviewing of first product after conducting the testing each time and collecting the data at the same time.

That will peering over the result of first product to see how did it do well and making information about

any significant errors that have seen and to help fix and make better condition. For this result of puzzle

cube that I made, I created a chart of data result from that prototype of rating this prototype
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