Qualitative And Quantitative Approach To Research Questions

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Introduction This essay critically analyses the utilization of different research approaches when answering a clinical question. The assigned clinical issue discussed in this essay is the mandated nurse-to-patient ratios in Queensland hospitals will improve patient outcomes. Comparison between quantitative and qualitative approaches to research Seeking evidence for interventions and for a variety of activities are processes which health professionals go through on a regular basis. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research play a vital role in evidence-based practice (Hoffmann, Bennett, & Del Mar, 2017). Similarities between the quantitative and qualitative approach to research according to Trafimow (2014) is that both are seeking an answer to a clinical question, both analyse data, and findings from the research are reflected upon for their implication towards science, technology, and society. Watson (2015) states that quantitative researches are composed of a range of methods which focus on the systematic investigation of a clinical question through the use of statistics or numerical data. Quantitative researches are comprised of objective data, measurable results, and the findings from the research are generalised to similar groups (Claydon, 2015). Cumming (2013) further elaborates that quantitative researches also require large sample sizes as this eliminates errors and improves the precision of the research. On the contrary, qualitative researches are

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