Qualitative Solubility Test Lab Report

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Discussion of Results:

In week one we performed a qualitative solubility test of our fats and oils, synthesized our soaps and detergents, and performed a solubility test and lathering test for the soaps and detergents. We wanted to test the solubility of our starting materials of the soap making process to understand the properties of the materials. In our initial solubility test of the starting materials, we found that most of the materials were insoluble. As you can see in Table 2.0, olive oil and vegetable oil were only soluble in toluene and the shortening and lard were only partially soluble in acetone. In order to understand the solubility of the soaps and detergents, after our synthesis and filtration, we performed a qualitative solubility test with each of
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As shown in Table 3.0, it was difficult to stir and combine the shortening and the lard with the sodium hydroxide and glycerol. Though the oil-based soaps were easy to make, they did not yield as much compared to the fat-based soaps. Table 6.0 shows that Soap 3 which was shortening based and Soap 4 which was lard based produced 11.18 g and 11.22 g, respectively. This was a much greater yield than the oil based soaps. Soap 1 which used olive oil yielded 3.154 grams and soap 2 using vegetable oil yielded 1.319 grams. This was something to consider when choosing which starting material to use and depends on whether ease of synthesis or greater yield is more important. The detergent synthesis methods were very similar but method 2 took less steps and was a bit easier than method 1. Table 6.0 shows that detergent 2 had a greater yield, 5.143 grams whereas detergent 1 had a yield of about 4 grams. The lathering test showed that though soaps 3 and 4 produced the most product of the soaps, they did not create many bubbles or a good lather according to Table 7.0. The soaps/detergents that produced the most bubbles were soap 1 which used olive oil followed by detergent 1 and then soap 2
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