Quality Management at Johns Hopkins Hospital

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Quality Management at Johns Hopkins Hospital Quality Management Introduction Quality management is the process that builds upon conventional quality assurance methodologies by emphasizing organizational structures and their systems. Too much pressure has been inflicted to health care facilities to deliver quality assurance services to their customers. This is due to the complexity and intense competition from other health providers. For this reason, it is vital for an organization to implement better quality management systems to address these issues. Purpose of Quality Management Health care and conventional markets have many common aspects in attaining the best performances in their activities, especially in customer satisfaction. The need of implementation of a proper quality management program is essential in health facilities so as to perk up the quality of health services provided to customers. Quality management betters operational performances, healthcare resultants and the welfare of the health workforce, patient safety and quality. American public not only demand quality health care service but are enthusiastic and capable to pay for it (Gopakumar, 2008, pg 5). Healthcare facilities and their respective operations have witnessed positive and successful changes, which have assisted, in avoiding both qualitative and quantitative risks by putting in place an efficient, quality management structure. The John Hopkins Hospital has a well strategized quality
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