Quantitative Analysis : Marketing And Consumer Research

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Project Management Anthony Redhead Grantham University Quantitative Analysis (BA 520) Introduction Below is a discussion of the benefits that an organization can gain utilizing linear programming (LP) for marketing research. The examples will show how LP is used for marketing and consumer research to identify the target population. We’ll explore the operational details of the application of LP to marketing research. We’ll also examine how data is used and inputted into an LP. Project Management Business owners, executives, and other working professionals, have at least once played the role of project manager in the capacity of planning a process or…show more content…
The tools that will be discussed have been used by non-profit organizations, and small businesses that will point toward best practices that are general, tactical, and practical. Meetings, quality management programs, communication tools, and project management software are tools used by businesses and organizations to organize their projects with success. A regularly scheduled meeting, whether it 's a weekly check-in or more often, is the best way to keep everyone on the project informed and on the same page. Depending on the size of the project and how well it 's going, the frequency of the meeting will vary. Weekly meetings or calls are often normal when starting a project, but the frequency depends on the size and timeline which needs to be agreed upon by everyone involved. Meetings should have an agenda, and should be timed limited. Wasting anyone’s time, especially your employees or staff is the quickest ways to lose confidence in your professional work. One has to make sure that meetings do not become a gripe session or brainstorm. Giving back a few minutes of time that were already allocated is a quick way to communicate that you respect the team and their time. If weekly phone meetings prove to be unproductive, the best way to keep things on track is some type of spreadsheet showing the issues identified in a project, and a rating for how important they are to fix. Both fixing small issues at the meeting, and hosting working meetings to get things
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