Question Questions On Suicide And Suicide

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1. An elderly relative has a terminal illness and asks you to help them end their life. Helping them commit suicide is against the law but your relative begs you. Would you assist with their suicide?

I would not be able to do that. I would spend as much time as I can to research new ways to alleviate their pain. In my personal view, finding out the better solution to live the life is the best way to solve the problem rather than helping them commit suicide. QUESTION 2
You are friends with a married couple and one of them confides in you that they are having an affair. Would you feel obliged to tell their partner or would you keep quiet?
According to my ethics, we have to do good to everyone no matter what. So in this …show more content…

You discover their partner has been having an affair and have concrete evidence to prove their guilt. Do you tell your friend and ruin their big day?
It is my responsibility to tell the truth to my best friend as she is going to start a new life and she does not know her partner is cheating on her. It is her big day and I want to see her happy the whole life but she does not know what is going to happen in the upcoming days. This is my personal view that I should make them tell the truth before they get marriage and not to hide anything from each other about their life as they are going to spend their whole life together.
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You enter a quiz and the winning team will be awarded $10,000 for the charity of their choice. You find a copy of the questions before the quiz. Is it okay to cheat for the benefit of a charity?
People should be happy with either winning or loosing. In my view, if I get a copy of questions before the quiz, I will definitely use that to win as the awarded money is going for charity. According to ethics, people should do things that will make them happy. So I will be very happy to give the money to the charity people with my

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