Questionnaire And Questionnaire On The Questionnaire

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Summary of respondents For the purpose of the study, the questionnaire was prepared to collect some background information of the participants in this survey. It will help to identify the respondents and how the samples seem to be. But for the reason of anonymity, there is no comprehensive information about respondents. It is agreed to make the respondents information in anonymous throughout the study, and not used any other purpose, other than academic. To achieve that purpose the questionnaire was prepared to get some meaningful, hence collect very basic information of respondents background. To get the maximum, and quality data sample used the fresh graduates from ordinary level of schooling. Those respondents have high impact and a potential way to get the view for this survey. At the same time, the questionnaire was prepared in second most commonly used language (English) to communicate with school leavers and middle-aged people across the country. The information that was collected from participants very from, age, sex, educational qualification and the bank that they most frequently used to get services. These will illustrate whether the respondents are fitted into the survey. The total number of valid respondents are 180, there is no invalid or missing sample. Among the total 180 participants in the survey total number of male participants are 88, that covers 48.9% of the total. And 92 respondents are female and that is 51.1%. (Chart) When considering the age

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