Questions On Annoying Behavior And Negativity

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Chapter 4

How to Handle Annoying Behavior and Negativity

How to Talk to Workers about Annoying Behavior

Some conversations can be quite difficult. Like how do you tell your coworker that his halitosis is ruining your creative vibe? How do you tell someone that their way of getting stuff done is cramping your style? Fortunately, there are ways to address annoying behavior without being offensive. At the same time, the following approaches can help you gain your fellow workers’ cooperation.
➢ Begin softly. Set your coworker at ease but at the same time, go directly to the point. Once you’ve told your colleague or your employee that you want to discuss something with him, don’t prolong his anxiety and move right to the challenging part.
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That said, in order to minimize the occurrence of undesirable behavior, managers should make it a point to conduct seminars and activities that will orient new employees about what is expected of them in the workplace.
➢ Remember that each person hails from different cultural backgrounds. This affects their manner of dressing, their personal hygiene, and even their general behavior. While you should maintain respect for diversity and individuality, you should also make it clear to workers that they must learn to embrace the cultural standards of the organization. There is no reason why cultural differences should affect productivity in the workplace or cause discord among workers.
➢ Lastly, if you are the worker’s manager, then you definitely owe it to the person to initiate the conversation, no matter how challenging it is. You should explain to the employee in a factual manner how his behavior can affect his career in a negative way. If you don’t talk to him about it, someone else will and they may not be as sensitive or as tactful as you.

How to Deal with Negative People at Work

There are two types of negative coworkers. These are the occasionally negative thinkers and the perpetually negative thinkers. Some people have a tendency to complain because of current work conditions which they deem as unfavorable. Meanwhile, some people just seem to have pessimism naturally oozing out of their pores. Their negativism

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