Questions On Supply Chain System Selection

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Exam 2 BCIS 6391 Sandhya Gudapati Answer the following questions. 1. Explain the issues in supply chain system selection in terms of total cost of ownership as described by in the textbook. Solution: TCO is very significant factor in SCM software . issues are categorized as follows. 1. Issues in customization Every business process application requires customization at some point of time, since technology in market is changing rapidly. These cost are called expenses of customization and are major cost in any SCM software 2. Platforms: Organizations need good computer platforms to cope up with latest SCM software’s so the computer platforms also has to be upgraded frequently. 3. Cost of system integration: If the company buys control…show more content…
IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES: ERP system makes the entire data of the organization available all across the enterprise transparently. An erp system enhances the core business process of the organization, accelerates the transactions with workflow, makes the information available transparently all across the organization. An ERP system improves the market of organization and the customer’s satisfactions with the use of different data mining techniques. ERP systems can improve the flexibility of the organization and can adapt the changing market situations continuously. INSTALLATION RISK: The installation risk can be managed by following the following steps. 1. Finding potential points or risks. 2. Analysis of these potentials points to determine the risk they might cause. 3. Assessing the probability for risk occurrence. 4. Prioritization of the risks detected. 5. Actions needed to mitigate those risks has to be taken. 3. Discuss the following current events in enterprise systems as emphasized in the textbook: training, upgrades, and add-ons. Solution: Training: In supply chain management a training is a important concept for organization. Training is a critical part in an organization where it drives for successful implementation in organization. Some of the manager’s will under estimate the training period. At

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