Questions On The Communications Plan

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Chapter 4. 1. Identify the major points you would include in a communications plan at this point in the project. Answer: The communications plan should include: • Meetings and/or JAD sessions with the stakeholders to acquire information and to design parts of the system • Interviews with stakeholders to better understand the business • Questionnaires to get simple answers in a cost-effective manner and encourage shy employees to relay problems to the project team • Observing the users directly to assist in documenting exactly what they do, make sure to visualize how all the processes work together • Document all of the results from the meetings, interviews, questionnaires and observations in diagram format, so it is easy to see how everything works together. • Create prototypes to see how everything fits together as you go about gathering all of the information. These preliminary models can help the project team to test early ideas and see if they have all of the necessary information needed. • Validation of requirements to ensure there are no errors or problems with the plan and correcting any errors or problems that may surface. 2. What advice would you give your project team to help it manage the user expectations? Answer: Advices given to the project team to assist in managing user expectations include: • The project team should identify all the stakeholders of the new system. They can hold meetings and conduct JAD sessions with these people to get a better
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