Questions On The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

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AUGUST 6 2014
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Table of Contents
Chapter No. 1 Reflect on and self assess your current 3 achievements. 1.1 Engineers Australia Competencies 3
1.2 Raising your Competencies during your MEngSci 4
1.3 Qualities of USQ graduate 4
1.4 Project Selection via study desk 4
Chapter No.2 Skills and Knowledge from your past project 6
Chapter No.3 Study plan in form of Gantt chart 7
Chapter No.4 Reflect on engineering and study in Australia 8
Chapter No.5 Reflect on EWB Project 10
Chapter No.6 Teamwork Skills 11
Chapter No.7 Problems and appropriate solution techniques 12
Chapter No.8 Post to the forum 14
Chapter No.9 Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and 15 continuous professional development 9.1 Lifelong learning 15 9.2 Continuous Professional development 15
Chapter No.10 Research and discuss major engineering 16 project in Australia and compare it with
EWB project
Chapter No.11 Invitation to a tender 17
Chapter No.12 Response to a tender 19
Chapter No. 13 Reference

Chapter 1 Reflect on and self assess your current achievements of Engineers Australia’s Stage 1 Professional Competencies
1.1 EA stage 1 Competencies
 In depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering disciple

o Proficiently applies advanced technical knowledge and skills in at least one specialist practice
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