Quiz on the CIPP Model of Evaluation

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CIPP MODEL OF EVALUATION Context, Input, Process, Product Overview of Model Useful model for evaluation of educational systems To be proactively viable, it must be used as a process for all stakeholders In general, requires that a series of questions be asked about four different elements of the model Model Concentration C I P P M ODE L Using CIPP to Evaluate Most could be used in combination: Class discussion, informal conversation Student interviews, evaluation forms Observation by trainers or independent instructors Micro-teaching (video taping) Performance testing and evaluations CIPP Model Questions - Context What is the relation of the course to other courses? What are the critical internal and external factors? Is there a need for the course? Is the course relevant to job needs? What is the environment? What are the needs of this course? CIPP Model Questions - Inputs What are student characteristics ability, learning, motivation, existing knowledge? A aims of course suitable? Are objectives doable and relevant? Is the course context clearly defined and consistent? What resources are available? How many students? Teachers? Aids? Any regulations? CIPP Model Questions - Process What is the workload? How well do students participate? Can they? Is effective 2-way communication built in? Is the teaching and learning process continually evaluated? What is the level of cooperation and interaction between teacher and learner? Is

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