Race, Ethnicity, And Gender

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Race, ethnicity, and gender has been a significant topic discussed throughout many years. However, it can has its negative cognectation because people feel superior to other people due to their race, ethnicity, social class and gender. There are many philosophical theories that relate to these discussion such as white gaze, one drop rule, and five faces of oppression. Moreover, these theories also applies to my ethnicity which is Dominican. Even though race is not a real concept, due to the fact that is a men made belief to categorize people based on their skin color, culture, and religion, it isolates people into experiencing new things. Thorough history, we have seen how blacks have been treated due to their skin color. Thus, when it sex, and gender, women are treated differently due to the idea that women have to be protected and depend on a men to provide, shelter, and provide money. Takes away the independence of a women, and not until recently, women are gaining their power and wellness. In my opinion I believe white gaze is a common practice in America and it affects many people who are not part of the “white race”. White race is looking at the world thought the eyes of white person. One way this affects a nonwhite person is that they face racism, or stereotypes. I chose this idea because I experienced white gaze here at Canisius College. Once, I was looking for a professor, However she was not there but I left a message with another professor who was Caucasian.
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