Race as a Factor to Be Hired for Certain Jobs

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The overall goal of my interview processes and data collecting were to find answers to one question, “How do you believe race plays a factor in the ability to be hired for certain jobs?”. Also, I wanted to ask if any of the interviewees felt as if the inability to get the job was due to any stereotypes. Over the course of different people I interview I received a wide range of answers, many of those siding with the fact that race plays an enormous part, and most even having stories of how their race may have hindered or helped them in the past due to different racial stereotypes.
During the process of planning my interviews, I decided that I needed to choose the interviewees from a location of diversity and I felt that my own college peers would be perfect for the task. The first interviewer I chose was a professor of the college, Jose Hernandez age 42, born and raised in El Salvador. Professor Hernandez had lived in El Salvador until the age of 13 when his parents made the decision to move to the United States to ensure that their children would receive better education and opportunities. Once making it the U.S., he had to learn to read, write, and speak English and has now made it as a successful Spanish Professor at Kennesaw State University. Professor Hernandez and I decided to reserve a time during his office hours to meet. We met around noon and the interview lasted for about forty minutes. From the interviews I had done, I received the most information and personal
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