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MGT-420 Rancho Solano Project The consolidation of Rancho Solano started with the selling of the school to a for-profit company that was already operating several schools both nationally and abroad. Moving from non-profit to for-profit status triggered many changes. The mission of the once small private school changed according to Meritas’ educational goals. We must consider the fact that while the original Rancho Solano founders wished to have a small, close knit school that provided a unique experience for each student, Meritas’ focus at the new Rancho Solano Preparatory School, or RSPS, is more on international communication and learning. In fact, the company houses international students near one of the Rancho Solano…show more content…
For the parents as well as staff their organizational behavior transitioned into finding new jobs and new schools for their children. They were all left with little options and treated unfairly. Stakeholders are going to lose trust in RSPS as they will fear future closures occurring without notice. The administration of RSPS made little to no effort in contacting any of the stakeholder’s within ample time to provide transfers to different schools, or opportunities for staff members to find new jobs prior to closing the Gilbert and Hillcrest schools. All parties involved with the two schools were forced to make major decisions about where to send their children to school or where to find new jobs. This closure could have been handled much more professionally through a classical approach, a human relations approach, or with a modern management approach. A classical approach to management has three distinct parts: scientific management, administrative principles, and bureaucratic organization. RSPS failed at providing maximum prosperity for the employee as well as the employer which is outlined within the branch of the scientific management. This leads into the administrative principles branch of classical approach to management. Understanding the five rules outlined in the administrative principles, the RSPS

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