Essay about Rapid, Volatile, Discontinuous Change

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Executive summary
Along with the development of organization,rapid, volatile, discontinuous change is emerging in Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and so on. In this paper, it will outline what is concept of rapid,volatile,discontinuous change,and how impact on strategic management process, Then, it is going to suppose if I was a CEO and use models to explain details in recent cases as responding to discontinuous changes.

As a successful Organizations, it should do to achieve strategic competitiveness and earn above-average returns.(hanson,2011) Nowadays organization may meet rapid, volatile, discontinuous change that makes strategic management further challenging and multifaceted because there
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Afterward when employees understand more about the situation, it is time to inform the direction and plan of strategic change. In this step, eventhough the implementation becomes more constant, organisation must maintain flexibility for unexpected situation. Finally, when organisation is covered with understanding and predictable situation, the normal operation of implementation was brought in to perform (Kenny, 2006). Consequently, it can be concluded from above implementation step, which applies the radical approach when there is a lot of risk and uncertainty and the incremental approach when there is lower scale of risk and uncertainty, is the process of transformational strategic change based on learning for transformational organisation.
The hardest step of changeAccording to Zeffane (1996), strategic change needs to well mould existing people system, new technology and new work process together, and management of organisational culture is essential to succeed in business. Additionally, development and concentration on belief among employees in organisation help create the effective performance of company. Appelbaum et al. (1998) support that the largest obstacle of strategic change is not coping with technology or work process, but it is coping with people. In the other words, changing people system is the most difficult part of strategic change process. Hence, individual aspect is needed to be more concerned in
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