Rc Responsibilities

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RCC duties, responsibilities, and requirements prescribed in DoDi 1300.24

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD(HA)) develops appropriate training for RCCs, MCCMs. And non-medical care managers (NMCMs) that addresses detection, notification, and tracking of early warning signs of PTSD, suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behaviors, and other behavioral health concerns among RSMs.
Commanders, Wounded Warrior Programs conduct Military Department-specific training for their RCCs
Recovery Teams
Recovery Teams (RTs) should collaborate with the RCC and other RT members to develop the comprehensive recovery plan (CRP), evaluate its effectiveness in meeting the RSM’s goals, and readjust it as necessary to accommodate the …show more content…

Family Support
The RCC or FRC, MCCM, and NMCM, in coordination with the Secretary of the Military Department concerned or designee shall facilitate non-dependent family member access to medical care at DoD MTFs
When the family has arrived at the treatment facility, the NMCM, RCC or FRC should provide information on services and resources available through the National Resource Directory, the Wounded Warrior Resource Center Call Center and Web Site, and the Wounded, Ill, and Injured Compensation and Benefits Handbook
The RT shall identify any loss of income and financial challenges facing the RSM’s family
The RT shall ensure the recovery plan identifies benefits, compensation, services, and resources from Federal, State, and local agencies and non-profit organizations for which the RSM’s family is eligible
Transition from DoD care and treatment to VA care, treatment, and rehabilitation
Prior to transition of the RSM to the VA, the RCC (assisted by the RT) shall ensure that all appropriate care coordination activities, both medical and non-medical have been completed, including:
• Notification to the appropriate VA point of contact when the RSM begins physical disability evaluation process, as …show more content…

• Scheduling initial appointments with the Veterans Health Administration system
• Transmittal of the RSM’s military service record and health record to the VA
• Update the CRP for the RSM’s transition that shall include standardized elements of care, treatment requirements, and accountability for the plan
Transition from the DoD care and treatment to civilian care, treatment, and rehabilitation
Prior to transition, the RCC (assisted by the RT) shall ensure that all care coordination activities, both medical and non-medical, have been completed including:
• Appointment scheduling will civilian medical care facility

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