Recommendation Letter For My Superiors At The Company I Work

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The following paper will establish how I will communicate a request to my superiors at the company I work for. In order for my request to be properly communicated to my superiors I will firstly need to clearly identify the request. Secondly, I will need to analysis my audience. Thirdly, I will need to specify which tactics will be used to influence my audience. Finally, I will write the memo that I plan on submitting to my audience.
1. Request: The industry of construction is an industry where you have to be precise and very accurate. This is why I will be requesting that the superiors in my company purchase a piece of software “Chief Architect” and revert from using their current software “Sketch-up”. This task will require persuasion because the owners of the company think that using open source software like Sketch-up will be sufficient. The company has been using Sketch-up for over five years and their thought process is that its free, it works, and there is no need to pay for other software. One of the designers and architects at the firm has tried to ask for this software in the past and the bosses turned the idea down because the software was too expensive. The designer didn 't provide any evidence or provided little logic for his argument, which is why he was unsuccessful in influencing the superiors. Influencing them into purchasing is the only option now and everyone in the company acknowledges the need for such software except the superiors.
2. Audience

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