Recruitment Of Personnel, Performance Appraisals, And Training And Development

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Thesis Statement Our writing assignment for the final week of study is to visit, and write about the topics of, recruitment of personnel, performance appraisals, and training and development. I shall define each of the three topics and also provide some personal insight into my experiences with each of these aspects of Human Resources. Recruitment Recruitment is seeking and attracting qualified candidates for a position in an organization. The process begins with determining that there is a need to be filled within the organization. Once the need has been identified a job analysis should be performed unless it has already been done, such as in the case of filling a vacated position. Once the organization has determined what the ideal candidate should include, candidates need to be sourced. In the past, sourcing potential candidates might have included a classified ad, notices in professional publications and word of mouth. In the current age, most large organizations use job networking services such as Linkedin, Dice, and Another way organizations find qualified candidates is by using temp agencies. The temp is hired as a contractor for a fixed period such as six or twelve months. This can be ideal for the company because they have an extended period to evaluate the candidate’s performance and fit within the company culture. Once the candidate has proven a good fit a job offer may be tendered or if not such a good fit the candidate will can be

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