The Method Of Recruiting Has Changed Over Time

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The method of recruiting has significantly changed over time. Today, there is less reading through stacks of resumes and more interacting with potential employees on a casual and formal basis. The method of job recruiting can include many different channels and practices. These methods can consist of practices such as attending job fairs, promoting from within, online and college recruiting, and referrals. Most recruiting methods are face-to-face interactions between the employer and potential employee. This gives the employers a chance to see the candidate in person, how they present themselves, and what they can bring to their company. Although there are many different methods of recruiting, these practices can be separated into …show more content…

Another disadvantage is that if you promote from within, you have to fill the position of the person you promoted, so in a sense you are back to square one (Lussier and Hendon, 172). Although this route may seem easier, cheaper, and less time consuming, it may not be the most ideal route to take. On the other hand, you have external recruiting which is the process of engaging individuals from the labor market outside of the firm to apply for a job (Lussier and Hendon, 172). Some examples of external recruiting would be using advertisements in newspapers, online job websites, career fairs, and referrals from current employees that would help fulfill any open positions (Applegate). If a company is going to promote themselves at a career fair it is important that they prepare in advance. The company must advertise! As obvious as this may seem, some companies do not advertise because they mainly rely on word of mouth. Some good advertising techniques would be to post flyers around local campuses, add a section in the newspaper, advertise on the radio, and use social media platforms. The company could also work with universities to send out an email blast to all of the students letting them know about the career fair so that it draws more potential employees in (“Effective Career Fair Recruiting”). Being a student at Lewis University, lately I have been seeing signs around campus about a career

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