Red Walker's Red Hat: Discussion Questions

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• Red hat • Black hat • White hat • Yellow hat • Green hat • Blue hat White hat-----why white hat It focuses on the available factual data It separates facts from speculation, assumptions • What data is accessible? • What data might we want to have? • What data do we require? • What data is missing? • In what manner would we be able to get the missing data? Black hat--------why black hat • It looks at all the obstacles, weaknesses, dangers of an idea/decision • It enables one to prepare back up plans for all the bad problems • It helps in spotting fatal risks before taking up any project so that we can plan exit strategies from those anticipated risks. Our brains are naturally wired to think in black hat, but, Overuse of black hat leads to…show more content…
Assessment of an idea/decision Yellow and black hats are used Improvement of design Black and green hats are used Comparison of facts and opinions Red and white This tool helps in getting rid of egos of people which are a prob in traditional
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