Referential Theories In Nursing

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Nursing theories specifies understanding, description, explanation and expectation. Inferential theories, referential theories, transformative theories and normative or ethical theories are important for several reasons, theories helps nurses to know and appreciate their purpose and role in the healthcare setting, it makes nurses view wider and help to improve knowledge and skills. A theory is a background for further studying. Certainly, studying theory helps to solve the problem much faster and effective. You could learn how to do something in practice, but if you know how it works theoretically, skills will be stronger. After reading the few parts of the module presented in theoretical foundations of nursing. Indeed, nursing is not only described as a profession. It is a noble profession, nursing is caring, an art, a science, a client centered, holistic, adaptive, and concerned…show more content…
A partial type of nursing assistance is needed to maintain normal balance of self-care, nurses uses demonstration and sufficient instructions to patient to jointly achieved balanced well-being. Best example would be, instructing the patient to turn to side, teaching them how to sit without a help, instructing them how to use the spirometry or assisting the patient to change dressing. But, one of the challenging job of a PICU nurses is to administer or to instruct them to take their medication or treatments that are painful and frightening to children. However, the rewards of becoming a PICU nurse is that we, nurses are given the incomparable ability to assist in children’s recovery from health crisis. We are able to use fun, silly practices to make young patients as comfortable as possible. Together patient-nurse work for the betterment and continuity of patient recovery, as much as patient can perform needed self-care but need either assistance or

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