Reflecting on an E-learning Staff Training Event that I Witnessed for Six Years as a Participant

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Introduction The primary focus of this paper is to reflect on an E-learning staff development training event that I observed for the last six years as a participant. The E-learning training utilized the same method and the same material during this time. The staff development training is an annual requirement for teachers to complete before the beginning of each school year. This training was mandatory and supported the concept of safe schools. The objective of the training was highlighted, which is to ensure each teacher successful complete the training to support state laws and requirements for the safety of students in public schools. This training is used to substitute for classroom training on those subjects that…show more content…
A lack of motivation results directly from previous experience with the training, since the training has not changed over the last six years. The information presented did have graph and pictures but designed in a clipart format with cartoonish characters suited for participants in a younger age group. The questions are the same one and in the same sequence. The content lacks creativity and depth. Critical thinking skills also do not appear to be important to the creator of this course. I have taken the exams for the course without having to complete the individual modules. This is a problem since I am sure there have been changes about how to handle safety issue in the school and classroom environment. The professional development of teachers should be an important objective for school administrators, since teachers affect student lives daily. Understandably, teachers are required to receive formal training and certification, based primarily on subject matter content, communication skills, classroom management abilities, and student interaction. An important consideration is the professional development training that teachers receive and the method used to deliver the training. Of course, there is the traditional face-to-face method, but with organizations, seeking ways to reduce training cost and travel expenses technology is an effective alternative for training. Technology implementation increased to reach the needs of teacher

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