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When I first came to UAB, I was nervous because I knew all the classes were not going to be as easy as they were when I was in high school. This English class was the first class I walked in to, and after that class, I knew I would be okay. Throughout the course of this class, I have written 5 essays about different things. The first essay was about an event in my life that had shaped my view on culture. The second essay was about a short story called “Everyday
Use,” and I wrote about how the characters in the story represent different kinds of culture. The third essay was an argumentative essay, and I wrote about keeping confederate monuments where they are at instead of destroying them or moving them to a museum. Essay four was a rewrite of essay one, but I had to integrate a quote related to the essay to bring some significance to it. Essay five was also a rewrite, but it was on essay two. I had to integrate citations that proved my points in the paper. Even though this class was a lot harder then I thought it would be, I have learned a lot in this class throughout the various essays that I have written. One of the things I learned is how some events really changed me. In essay one, I wrote about how my house burning down had changed my view on culture. Until I started on that paper I never really thought about how it had affected me, but then as I started writing it became clear how much that event changed me. I was a spoiled person who basically had everything I

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