Reflection About Service

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Service is a work of will. Throughout our lives, we complete service that may be unknown to us. Service does not always mean doing things for a time frame for a signed paper to turn into school, but service could mean even the smaller things from helping an injured student to their classroom or offering help to a teacher carrying too many things. Throughout my almost three years at DePaul College Prep, I have completed my service requirements, but I also found the things I did enjoyable; I did not feel forced to do most of the service that I did. I would really like to believe the service that I completed helped others, along with the community, but the more important aspect of the service completed was that it opened my eyes to a greater good and allowed me to give more of myself to others than to focus solely on myself.
My freshman year was kind of a blur. Most of the things that happened that year seemed to have faded away mostly because it was the easiest year, so far, that I had experienced. If I do recall correctly, I did my service by helping out the elementary girls volleyball leagues held at the gymnasium at my high school. This was known as the Spring Little League, and there, I helped to referee a couple games, and I also helped with admissions and scores. I was able to offer my time and efforts to these young girls playing, along with my own Coach, Coach Tony. I learned that everything was better with numbers. I was helping out Coach Tony with my whole team, and

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