Reflection Essay on Writing and the Composition of Literature

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Some have been blessed with the uncanny ability to create masterful scripts, but others, like myself, struggle day-to-day with writing simple pieces. I am constantly attempting to improve my ability to write, and this class especially helped me to improve my writing. I can see my essays developing more and more along with my final grades on the papers increasing as well. However simple writing may sound to some people, it is actually composed of many meshing parts and pieces working together to create a polished essay. Despite the age of literature, it is relatable in nature to some modern technology which is also is composed of many components. A prime example of this phenomenon is the Apple App Store. The App Store consists of many unique applications from developers around the world, each serving its own purpose. Through the pieces in my portfolio I will demonstrate my development as a writer along with the advancements of particular skillsets that deal with composition, just as developers provide updates for their applications. My portfolio offers a view into my skills as a struggling writer and my journey to “updating” my “apps”.

A component really needing work was my use of analytical information versus summarization. Although I expected it to be rough, the low grade I earned on my first paper caught me by surprise. When reading through I found summarizing the poem…

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