Reflection Of Leadership And Leadership In The Honors College

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Throughout this semester, I learned so much and gained so much confidence in my ability to lead. I had never led through the Honors College before this semester nor had I ever felt so involved and included within the Honors College. Being an Honors Year One mentor has allowed me to grow in ways that I would have never grown if it was not for this experience. Through my experience, I have made friends, realized what all the Honors College has to offer and connect freshmen with others. I learned how I lead best, how to not always be the leader, what my strengths are and how to use them to their full potential, and what needs to happen differently next semester in hopes to improve the experience for the freshmen.
I thought our mentor class was absolutely phenomenal. Tiffany continuously led us well and reigned us in well when we needed to get down to business. Her leadership, council, and example made a difference for me when leading my freshmen. She was also very encouraging, which was much needed. At the beginning, I was intimidated by Rebecca being in our class each week. However, the intimidation faded, and I quickly learned to appreciate her. She had many great suggestions as well as a great insight. I may be an extrovert, but on the first day of our mentor class, I was very intimidated and nervous. I had no earthly idea what to expect. However, as it is now the end of the semester, I am honestly sad the class had to come to an end. I learned so much from the other

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