Reflection Of Reading And Writing

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Reading and writing hasn’t always been something I’ve had a passion for. Growing up, I’ve never been able to sit there and let the words flow onto the paper without making a thousand mistakes along the way. Learning to write, I first had to become intimate with my subject and come up with as much information as possible. I will admit reading comes easier than writing does. For me to be interested in reading a book it has to catch my attention. I cannot remember how or when I learned to read and write, but I do know it isn’t something that comes easy. I have to be focused and willing to do what is necessary for me to master that skill. When I began high school, that is when it really became a priority to know how to read and write. High school is when I started to write all my major essays and research papers. I was taught to always prepare an outline and regulate it. My English teachers gave us various assignments about different topics, and we had to have a paper on it the next day or two. I would say when I entered the 10th grade that would be the year than I began to like writing a little bit more. Writing is one of the ways we interpret our thoughts to other people, thoughts that we really can’t express out loud but still want to express in some way. All my life, I was taught to put together words to form sentences and those sentences would form paragraphs; therefore, when entering high school, I was able to use those techniques to learn how to write more essays and

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