Reflection Of Writing And Writing

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When I was in gradeschool, I was always fascinated by reading and writing. I always watched by mom write things down in for grocery lists, to do lists, and simply signing a permission slip for my brothers. I always wondered how one person could contain all of that information in their heads, for knowing how to spell thousands of words. In preschool, I would love to go home and watch a Disney movie. At the beginning of Disney movies, they include a showing of Tinker Bell making the word DVD appear. Since I hadn’t learned to spell words yet, I watched in awe. That one specific day I decided to say the letters being spelled out in my head. Once I said each letter, I noticed that it was an actual word. I felt accomplished and a little stupid. After this, it encouraged me to learn bigger words and pay attention to the words right in front of me. For me, this was my turning point in the literacy and English field.
Once I got into grade school and began to learn how to read, write, and make fluent sentences; I realized how easy it was for me. The writing process was simple to me until fourth grade. My teacher was Mrs. Schaffer. She was a very tall, smart, and strict woman. The moment I sat down in that class for the first time, I knew it was going to be a hard year. Our first test was about conjunctions, commas, and correcting sentences. It was a 100 point test, which I didn't even think existed until you got into college level classes. I bombed every one of her tests. She would

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