Reflection On Communication Class

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Walking into communications 2061 on the first day I did not know what to expect. No face in the class seemed familiar. However, this fact changed quickly with the multitude of interactive pair and group work provided by our instructor, Adam Harvey. Right from the start he forced us to step outside our comfort zone and introduce ourselves to two new people in class. Performing this activity allowed the class to become acquainted with each other before groups were randomly chosen for the next few assignments. Not only has this class benefited me in day to day talking with people, but also with my confidence in performing these tasks. This communications class improved three key qualities one requires to perform well in a business environment; working together as a group, confidence in one’s own abilities, and attention to detail. Skills for working in groups become essential for any business professional craving to progress in his or her profession. Teamwork represents an important quality that improved during the course of this semester. Never before have I had a 2 person project requiring us to create something form scratch. A smart and practical original idea requires both party members to input strong and creative ideas to the group. Carter and I did what was required and became valuable friends in the process. Another instance of working in a team occurred when we were spilt up into groups to work on two presentations. For the first presentation, regarding the case

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