Reflection On Cwrr 1

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CWRR 01 is a class that teaches Millikin’s first semester freshman students critical writing, critical reading, and critical thinking skills. Throughout this class, I learned these skills along with learning about myself. Various assignments assigned by my professor helped me to hone in on these skills. As the semester comes to a close, I have reflected on what I have learned throughout my CWRR 01 class. When I first began my CWRR 01 class, I felt extremely prepared to be enrolled in a CWRR 01 class. In high school, I took a critical writing class through SLU, a local college. Therefore, I knew what to expect in this class, and I felt prepared to study yet another critical writing, critical reading, and critical thinking class. At the beginning…show more content…
I have always appreciated these skill, and this class only taught me more about the skills that I enjoy using and learning about. I have also seen these skills apply to my other classes. For example, I often found myself using critical writing in nearly every single other class of mine. I also used critical thinking in my business classes when I would look over my groupmates’ work prior to turning it in. Although I did learn a great deal in CWRR 01, I can distinctly remember learning the most from a piece called “Shitty First Drafts” by Lamott. This piece explained that nearly all writers struggle to craft a brilliant piece of writing with just one draft. Lamott explained that revision is an essential part of critical writing. I had never thought of revision that way prior to reading his article. His article also gave me encouragement because my drafts often go through several iterations before I turn them in. As I moved through the semester, I felt myself becoming better at revising my work. I was able to point out passive voice in my writing as well as in others. By the end of the semester, I had become confident in my writing and in
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