Reflection On Decision Making

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Assignment # 2 Lena Ann Wellbrock Regis University Foundations of Organizational Behavior September 24th 2017 Assignment # 2 Rashid Rehman says there are four main decision making styles Rational decision making, Intuitive decision making, Dependent decision making, and Spontaneous decision making. After reflecting deeply on these decision making styles I have found that I am both a Rational decision maker and a Spontaneous decision maker. I am not both at the same time but based on the situation I can be either type of decision maker based on how important I feel the decision is. If it is a simple or less important decision I use Spontaneous decision making, where if I feel the decision is an important or life changing decision I use Rational decision making. If it is a decision that is not as important as others or a life changing or simple decision, I will often make the decision by being Spontaneous and either use my experiences or gut feelings or make it on impulse. I often will make decisions based on what feels right, make decisions quickly, see new possibilities and change goals easily. I rarely establish specific plans and get bored easily so I have to stay busy and often do many things at once. My work habits show that I am a Spontaneous decision maker and will choose based on what I feel is right. When reflecting on how I make decisions and the decisions I make it is apparent that I will use Rational decision making and Spontaneous the most out
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