Reflection On My Overall Performance

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One way I will self-access my overall performance is by explaining my participation in English 111. My overall attendance I would say I was fairly in class. The only time I really missed was the time I got really sick and could not make it. I missed two to three weeks’ of class. My overall active engagement in class lessons I would say I did pretty good at. I would always ask questions for clarification. I would look for guidance to complete my assignments to the best of my ability. Being prepared for class was one of the easiest things to do. I would always have my They Say I Say and The Little Seagull Handbook books. I’d bring my binder, computer, pencils, and paper to write on or even type what I needed to do. I would have every bit of my information printed out and on my desk to have a hard copy of what I needed to look over. The area that I think I did the best in was coming to class prepared. That’s one thing this semester I didn’t have to worry about getting wrong. I would have everything I needed on the day of class. The area that I think I did the worst in was attendance. When I was sick and missed so many days, I got terribly behind. I barely got caught up on all of the work that needed to be done. The next English class that I take, I’ll do things a lot different. I will make sure that I will be in class as much as possible. I would apply myself more to the class and as well as my assignments that are given to me. I will continue to ask questions when I am unsure.

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