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Reflection Paper PCN 500 July 26, 2010 Lynn Lunceford, Psy.D. Holly Willis A counseling theory has certain qualities, such as clear operational definitions so that it can be tested further. To be most useful, a counseling theory should be parsimonious yet comprehensive enough to include known related empirical findings. It should stimulate new discoveries and predict events deductively within its purview and preview. A counseling theory also should serve an organizing and explaining function for observed events. One's theory should help them to simplify observations and to focus an observer's attention along specific dimensions. A counseling theory, then, is a collection of assumptions, interpretations, and hypotheses which …show more content…

This idea is expressed sometimes as focusing on the purpose, the reason, or the "why" rather than on the methods, tools, or the "how" of their work. Then, I can learn to appreciate, for example, that just "listening" is not enough to accomplish my goals with a client and that under certain circumstances "listening" may work against the mutual interest. We must know why listening is important under certain circumstances. A systematic experience with counseling theory can give a counselor a frame of reference for thinking about their self and their client. Even though I may not learn one theory thoroughly, or even develop a system of my own, I can acquire a vocabulary which I can use to communicate with others while in training. A study of personality and learning theory, furthermore, should give me as a counselor, new directions and incentives for personal growth through pointing out fresh viewpoints from my observations about counseling. When speaking about counseling theory, this opinion refers to the impressions of variety of personality theories. For counseling theories to work and for me to be nurtured in assessments, I must always focus rather than become specifically delineated in behavioral events, such as cognition traits, and have motivation. A study of counseling theory can hardly avoid emphasizing different ways of perceiving the same behavior in all clientele. Numerous opportunities present themselves for

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