Reflection Paper On Court Observation

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During this semester we were tasked to go out and observe a local court hearing, in class we had gone over the different areas of the American court system from prosecution and defense standpoint all the way to court procedures. Honestly going into the observation, I didn’t know what all to expect, since this was a completely new thing for me. Surprisingly there was a sense of leniency by the judges, I was expecting it to be much stricter, but their inclination to work with the defendants in the cases was eye-opening. When looking around the out the courthouse there are obviously cameras surrounding the building and upon entering there is a designated entrance and a designated exit where you then go through security to an extent is almost like the airports version TSA. I was kind of assuming there to be a stricter source of security within the courthouse, but for some reason there wasn’t. most of my prior knowledge coming into the course and this court observation was from watching (on in the background when I was little) Judge Judy on TV. Seeing the courtroom setup, members of the panel, jurors, seeing the prosecution and defense state their case, and for some reason I look back at it and think it was comical…but that wasn’t the same at all. To be honest it wasn’t very exciting at all, but it was still interesting how everything workout out and being able to correlate some of the procedures used in the court whereas what we learned in class throughout the

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