Reflection Paper On Powerpoint

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Learning about PowerPoint has been very stimulating for me; unit five has taught me a lot. I love to use Microsoft PowerPoint, but until this unit, I did not fully understand how to use all of the functions in Microsoft PowerPoint. I love the whole unit, so singling out three things will be hard for me. I work as a Manager, and I am often preparing presentations. The three items in Microsoft PowerPoint that I know I will apply to my everyday life are, Notes, Numbered list, and Charts. I think through the whole unit these features were the ones that made me say, ok I will use that for my upcoming presentation. Below I will explain why I chose each one of these functions. First, I chose the Notes Function. The note section was a big deal for me. I usually write my notes down in a notebook before my presentations. The problem I ran into was, I would always get lost. I tried putting little symbols at the bottom of the page for talking points. The problem here was, I could never remember what the talking point was about once I got to the symbol. When I tried Microsoft PowerPoint Notes, I found I was no longer fumbling between papers (Carlson, 2010). I loved it because I just stood and clicked no more papers. The Notes function allows you to put information on the slides that you want to share that the audience cannot see (Wiley & Sons Inc, 2014). Notes are now my new Favorite function of the week. Second, The Charts function is essential and vitally important to my

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