Reflection on Pedagogy of Possibility

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In the article, A Pedagogy of Possibility by Peter McLaren explains critical pedagogy as “a way of thinking about and negotiating through praxis the relationship among classroom teaching, the production of knowledge, the larger institutional structures of the school, and the social and material relations of the wider community, society, and nation-state” (p. 22). He further goes on states that critical pedagogy is an approach adopted by progressive teachers who are attempting to eliminate inequalities on the basis of social class and that it has also sparked a wide array of anti-sexist, anti-racist, and anti-homophobic classroom-based curricula and policy initiatives. The progressive teacher is one who rejects the “banking” concept of…show more content…
I realized that lecturing is only one way to deliver content and that there could be different ways to help students learn. Also, teachers can also learn from the students. because they are not the answer. As time passed, I was able to understand that through discussion and group work, students not only think about issues critically and analyze problems, but their curiosity and interest in learning deepens. Further, I realized that minority opinions are valuable and important. Not just the teacher’s thoughts are right and acceptable, and even students’ perspectives are as important as the teacher’s. Such simple things like this might have missed out. In a multicultural society like Vancouver, teachers are expected to teach students from all over the world. Students who have lived in a different culture and learned in a different education system as me can have difficulty adjusting to the Canadian education system. since it is different. Then how can teachers possibly create a classroom where students feel secure enough to ask questions and speak up? What knowledge should be taught, and whose knowledge should we value? How can teachers enable students to become critical thinkers? What kind of knowledge perspectives should teachers have in order to help international students? As a future educator, I realize it is tremendously important to provide opportunities where the students can think critically, seek
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