Reflective Essay On Ethics

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At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I joined a government class called We The People. The government class went into depth with the Constitution while discussing about current controversial topics in politics. Every year, teams from all over the United States would compete to see who would be able to answer the toughest questions about current topics. It was not long before I made it past state and was in Washington, D.C. in order to compete in Nationals. So, how did I make it to Washington, D.C. and defeat all my ethical dilemmas? First, I practiced and studied really hard. In return, I had conquered my ethical dilemmas by using my work ethics. However, what are ethics? In Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, as Stephen J.A. Ward (2016) author of “Ethics in a Nutshell” explains, “’Ethics’ comes from the Greek “ethos”, meaning “character” which indicates a concern for virtuous people...Ethics asks what we should do in some circumstance, or what we should do as participants in some form of activity and profession”(264). Ethics can vary from person to person, due to their religious beliefs, economic backgrounds, age, and sex. For example, I’m a liberal, Mexican-American girl, but my ethics could be vastly different from that of a conservative, Caucasian male. Moreover, since my ethics are unique and special, I spent my time focusing on We The People and practiced every day. I could have come to a conclusion to not study and spend my time focusing on

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