Essay On Group Therapy Journey

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The anticipation of starting this journey, as a therapist trainee, began over a year ago and now that I have taken a few steps on this much-awaited road – I am filled with mixed emotions. Emotions that range from excitement to curiosity to utter anxiousness. However, before I begin discussing my current journey, let’s take a quick stroll on my previous journey at Metropolitan State Hospital. At Metropolitan State Hospital, I was a volunteer and, thus, my involvement in therapy was limited. I was not allowed to have my own one-on-one therapy sessions; however, I was allowed to sit in with a clinical psychologist and observe individual therapy. At times, with the permission of the psychologist in combination with my established rapport with the patient, I was allowed to inquire and conduct cognitive behavioral therapy with the psychologist. In addition, I was allowed to be a part of the initial assessment team, in which others and I would gather information about the client’s medical history, family history, and mental status, such as: grooming and hygiene, orientation, mood and affect, thought process disturbances, and thought content disturbances. Lastly, I was allowed to conduct two group therapy sessions. The first group therapy session typically consisted of positive communication habits, understanding what certain emotions indicate, as well as patients’ understanding of their diagnosis. The second group therapy session was the prototypical model of therapy

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